Gain a higher level of control than ever before with Husqvarna Intellion.

Husqvarna Intellion - Bringing you actionable intelligence on demand

Utility Companies

Power outages, emergency power restoration and Utility Vegetation Management programs cost Transmission and Distribution System Operators millions of dollars each year. Husqvarna Intellion can help you stay in control of both risks and operational efficiency.


Forestry Companies & Forest Owners

The damage caused by pest attacks like bark beetles, storms and wildfires is rapidly increasing. With Husqvarna Intellion you can proactively stay in control of risks – and also optimize your forestry efforts with actionable insights that are tailored for each phase of the forest life cycle.


Utility Line Clearing Contractors

Knowing the efforts, resources and cost needed to trim vegetation in a service territory is inherently difficult. Husqvarna Intellion provides actionable insights regarding the vegetation status so you can focus on the business case, submitting correct bids and stay on top of your operations.


Forest Insurance

Providing attractive and fair insurance policies requires deep insight into the situation, the risk factors and when assessing damages. Husqvarna Intellion provides data-driven transparency tailored for the insurance onboarding, ensuring adequate risk preventing actions as well as quantifying damages.


Urban green spaces

How green is your city? Husqvarna Urban Green Space Index has the ambition to help safeguard and improve maintenance of green spaces in urban areas.


Leave nothing to chance – with a flexible subscription

Actionable intelligence you can trust
Husqvarna Intellion is an interactive and comprehensive digital platform for large-scale vegetation management, using all available sources of satellite data as well as the ability to do data fusion with LiDAR scans, weather forecasts and other data sources. Husqvarna Intellion provides you with the absolute best basis for making the best and most cost-effective decisions.

With the advantage of continuously updated data, you can plan your actions based on the actual conditions in your area of interest. In other words, there never needs to be any guesswork or assumptions based on limited sample data. Our mission is to provide you with actionable intelligence that is flexible and tailored for your needs.

Mitigate individual risks and optimize your continuous operations
The many benefits of Husqvarna Intellion include detection of vegetation changes and risks continuously 365 days a year, seeing the vitality of the vegetation over time, and identifying pest attacks before it’s too late. You will be provided with the best way of both mitigating risks and optimizing continuous operations.

You can utilize our Husqvarna Intellion platform as a stand-alone solution or integrate it into your existing GIS system through our ready-to-use APIs in the way that best suits your needs.

Tailored subscription models
We realize that your assets and areas of interest are spread over large areas that do not need to be – and should not be – treated as one homogenous entity. That’s why we provide you with full flexibility to decide how you want to segment your territories and what intelligence and analytics you want to have activated for each area of interest.

You simply subscribe to the services you need, where and when you need them. No up-front charges – you only pay for what you use. Taken as a whole, this gives you a higher level of control than you’ve ever experienced before in vegetation management.

Husqvarna Intellion for Utility Companies

  • Pro-active risk alerts
  • Fact-based cost & resource planning
  • 24/7/365 monitoring

Large Transmission or Distribution System Operators typically have power grids that stretch over vast distances of forests, vegetated areas, open fields and urban environments. Managing the vegetation along the grid is expensive and time-consuming – and too often based on assumptions building on out-of-date data.

Power outages, emergency power restoration and the lack of data-driven, fact-based planning for the regular, ongoing hazard tree programs and vegetation management operations cost utility companies millions of dollars each year.

The lack of cost-efficient ways to tell where efforts and resources should be focused is another big obstacle for efficient vegetation management. Helicopter LiDAR scans are expensive and only captures a specific point in time. Inspectors surveying power line spans by car or by foot can only detect a limited number of trees in need of removal.

Husqvarna Intellion now finally offers an actionable intelligence on demand solution that will vastly reduce many of those issues, and even completely eliminate some of them. Detect dead or dying trees. Get a detailed overview of the state of the vegetation around the power lines.

Identify risks while they are still possible to mitigate. Use data that is always up-to-date to optimize your planning. Follow up on conducted activities and audit contractor work without having to physically inspect all individual locations.

The financial gain of making proactive decisions based on reliable data 365 days a year, instead of having to respond to situations and problems after they occur can be huge. It gives you an advantage and new possibilities to excel in a field where risks, cost and efforts used to be hard to control.

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Husqvarna Intellion for Forestry Companies and Forest Owners

  • Bark beetle alerts
  • Localization of dead trees and windfalls
  • Tree species identification

For forestry companies and forest owners, the past years have brought a dramatic increase in threats to their natural and financial values. The damage caused by pest attacks, storms and wildfires is rapidly increasing – and until now, there have been no cost-efficient or reliable methods to proactively prevent or reduce the impact of these adverse events.

To make things worse, all the trees being lost is only half the story. On average, unplanned harvesting due to storms and pest attacks costs 30–40 % more than comparable regular harvesting.

Thanks to the 365 days a year satellite data from Husqvarna Intellion you can detect pest outbreaks at the earliest possible stage and act while the damage is still possible to keep contained. We can help you detect dead or dying trees which serve as fuel for wildfires and breeding grounds for bark beetles who prefer stressed, weakened trees. You can also pinpoint windfalls and get a comprehensive overview of the damage caused by adverse weather events without having to deploy helicopters and conduct manual inspections.

Another challenge facing forest owners and forestry companies is to decide where and when to deploy their resources each year to ensure the best possible growth and value of the forest assets.

Husqvarna Intellion is a built to be highly flexible and provide the right type of intelligence for each phase of the forest life cycle. From ground preparation and re-forestation, through clearing and thinning the growing forest, all the way to final harvesting and capitalizing on your investment, you can plan your actions based on real, accurate data and optimize your operational expenditures. You can also follow up on conducted work performed by contractors to ensure that it meets your quality standards and create better transparency between work orders, conducted work and invoicing.

Image being in full control of your whole forest – 24/7 and 365 days a year as if you were there inspecting it. With Husqvarna Intellion, that is what we aim to provide you.

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Husqvarna Intellion for Utility Line Clearing Contractors

  • Full vegetation status transparency
  • Fact-based work effort estimations
  • Remote sensing quality auditing

Utility Line Clearing contractors doing the cycle trimming and clearance along the power lines are constantly challenged when it comes to efficiency and cost being in a high-volume, low-margin business that requires highly skilled workers and rigorous quality and safety standards.

Submitting and winning bids based on erroneous data and assumptions can easily ruin the entire business case for the contract. Husqvarna Intellion aims to provide enhanced transparency between the Utility Companies and the Line Clearing Contractors by providing fact-based intelligence about the vegetation along the spans, the characteristics of the terrain, the ability to conduct work from bucket trucks or having to work from the ground or climbing trees.

Being equally applicable for cycle trimming activities and hazard tree programs, we want to take guesswork out of the equation. How many trees need to be trimmed? What is the density of the vegetation? What percentage of the spans can be accessed from the road and where do we need to go off-road? Is the conducted work ready for a final quality audit or is there a risk of having to re-do some of the spans? Experienced staff who can make these calls are already scarce and the situation is gradually becoming even more difficult, so we decided to enable you to get access to these capabilities on demand, making the intelligence and basis for planning and taking decisions available for your entire crew.

Husqvarna Intellion provides a dynamic and continuously updated overview of where vegetation work will provide the best results – and where swift action is crucial to mitigate risks. By working together, using Husqvarna Intellion as a common platform, Utility Companies and Utility Line Clearing contractors now can get the same comprehensive overview of the areas that need attention and action. It’s a win-win situation for all.

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Husqvarna Intellion for Forest Insurance

  • Pre-insurance assessments
  • Proactive damage mitigation
  • Damage claims follow-up

There are few industries that are relying on data as much as insurances. Probability vs. outcome, severity and impact if the risk materializes, insurance premiums and the value of the assets vs. the cost of potential damages. Providing attractive and fair insurance policies requires deep insight into the situation, the risk factors and when assessing damages.

Husqvarna Intellion provides data-driven transparency tailored for all the steps of the insurance life cycle, from the insurance onboarding, ensuring adequate risk preventing actions as well as quantifying damages.

With a new customer wanting to sign up for an insurance policy, what is the status and the value of the forest and what is the risk level for this particular area? Husqvarna Intellion enables you to go much deeper in your up-front assessment. Not only can we provide insights about the current status of the forest, we can also go back in time to show you how it has been managed in terms of clearing, thinning and harvesting as well as pinpoint earlier damages from pest outbreaks of storm damages.

During the life cycle of the forest, we can enable you to proactively identify risks and propose damage mitigating actions which benefit both you as the insurance company as well as your customers. This also enables new ways of pricing insurance premiums where active and responsible forest owners could benefit from reduced premiums.

We don’t claim to be able to prevent adverse events, but if and when there is storm, flooding or pest outbreak, we can quickly help you to get a comprehensive overview of the situation. What’s the number of windfalls and the severity of storm damages? What’s the extent of a bark beetle attack or other pest outbreak? Husqvarna Intellion helps you quantify the damages and provide insights without having to conduct in-field inspections.

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HUGSI – Husqvarna Urban Green Space Index

  • Green space health status
  • Global benchmarking
  • Fact-based basis for action

Urbanization is happening at an unprecedented pace. Cities are increasingly focused on sustainable development. With proven environmental and recreational value, the development and management of urban green space is becoming a focus area for cities across the globe. It takes political guidance, citizen participation and cross-sector collaboration to turn the vision for urban green space into reality. That’s why we created HUGSI – to raise the awareness about the value of urban green space among citizens, support city officials and politicians to make data informed decisions and facilitate the collaboration across industries and organizations to together make “smart and sustainable city” a reality. We currently monitor 155 cities in 60 countries across the world and are continuously adding more. This sums up to cities that are homes for a population of over 600 million people and an area of almost 10.000.000 hectares.

Why are some cities greener than others? Of course, the urban greenness of a city can depend on many things such as geographic location, overall climate and socio-economic factors – to just mention a few. Through our HUGSI platform we identify big differences in how the cities are ranking in terms of the percentage of urban area covered by vegetation, health of vegetation, and how well the green space is distributed across the urban area. It is clear that top achievers are very green as a result of decisive actions to greenify their cities. They do not just sit and wait for their vegetation to grow, they have employed policies and set ambitious targets and goals.

We don’t intend to set any restrictions on how the index should be used. You’re welcome to spread the word and be creative in how you use it. Ideally, we expect to see the index being used to raise awareness of urban green spaces in various settings. For example, you are free cite HUGSI as a source of reference in a social media post or an in-person discussion with your colleagues, or you may use the index and KPI data to understand the state and development of a city, compare and do benchmarks, safeguard the green space in your city or relate our data to other indexes or research on environmental and urban living conditions.

Visit the HUGSI site

Ready to take control?

Husqvarna Intellion is a powerful, versatile and flexible solution for any company involved in large-scale vegetation management. To learn how you can use the platform to your best advantage and integrate it as part of your operations, please contact us. We will be happy to discuss your challenges and how Husqvarna Intellion can help you overcome them.

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